Saturday, 9 November 2013

Studying Abroad

  The majority of young people learn a foreign language and they study abroad. Studying in a foreign university or taking a Master's Degree abroad has got a lot of advantages for them. Let's make it more specific.
   Firstly, these people find a job very easily  in an other country. Being able to communicate with people abroad, in this era of globalisation, means that an employee can become a real asset for his company.
Other countries haven't got economic problems like ours and you can find very easily a job which is better paid than in our country..
   Another advantage of studying abroad is that you can understand better the people living in other countries.You make friends abroad, you learn about their culture, manners and customs. What is the most important aspect of all, you learn to live with people from all over the world.
   In my opinion, if you have the chance to study abroad, you must do it! You will better opportunities for employment afterwards as the universities. So you will be awarded a valid degree!!!

Monday, 29 April 2013



    Kalamata is a beautiful city. Every year lots of tourists and celebrities come and spend their holidays in the region.
  Places to see 
  Kalamata is the best town in Greece.There are a lot of places, which are very beautiful to visit. Most people visit the museums because they will learn a lot of things of history.It's a good idea to see the castle in Kalamata which is a very historical place.The beatches in Kalamata are very clean,all the people should swim everywhere,but the best beach is "Sadova". Sadova is very popular with celebrities.

 Things to do
   On sunny days,the majority of people are riding  a bike.Another activity people consider entertaining for them is to do sky diving.Some people,who love sports can attend football,volletball and basketball matches.

Events to do 
  Every Friday in the centre of Kalamata there are concerts taking place where a lot of people go.Also,on Saturdays and Sunday's it is fun to go to the parties in the square.A lot of people go to dance there.They have great fun when the children haven't got school.They are outside,so the square is crowded these days.In addition,every Thursday there is a bicycle race.Most people go there.
     People who have visited Kalamata once are bound to return because Kalamata is a charming city.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Thursday,16 August 2012
   In the morning,I went to the shops with my mum.After that,I went to the sea.At night,I went with my friends to the beach.We sat to the cafe:''roi mat''I was very happy,because I love this place.After that,we ate ice creams in the shop:''Gelateria''.I was very hungry.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Diary - Mid August... A Perfect Day!!

Wednesday,15 August 2012
 In the morning I went with my family to church. After that, we went to "Athanasiou'' Restaurant. Ιn the afternoon we went to the beach bar ''Almyra''. We stayed there  all day!!!!!

What a perfect day!


Tuesday,14 August 2012
   In the morning I went to the sea. In the afternoon I went downtown. Later, in the evening, I went back to the beach with my friend Niki! We stayed until 11:30. We were at the bar ''Blue''.


Monday,13 August 2012

In the morning, I went to the shops with my friend Niki. She bought a wonderful ''Paul Frank'' t-shirt and a beautiful skirt. In the afternoon I went to the beach and I swam a lot! At night I stayed at home!

Monday, 13 August 2012


Sunday,12 August 2012

   All morning I was sleeping. In the afternoon I played chess with my brother. After that, I went to my grandparents and I ate pizza. I saw a film, whose title is: ''Batman''. In the evening, I went for a walk with my brother and his friends.
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